About the conference

Plastic Packaging Rethinking

The aim of the PLASTIC PACKAGING RETHINKING conference is to integrate the business environment and the business environment institutions around the topic of the Circular Economy and to draw attention to the potential of plastics and its important role in creating solutions in accordance with the Circular Economy.

PLASTIC PACKAGING RETHINKING Conference is an ideal place to meet in the group of packaging producers for the food and medical industry, producers of new technologies, suppliers of products and services – exchange experiences and find the answer to the question: How to produce more environmentally friendly products, how to reduce their use, and finally, how to re-use them?

The role of the speakers of the PLASTIC PACKAGING RETHINKING Conference is to familiarize the participants with the values of the plastics industry, as a resource-efficient sector that protects the natural environment, contributes to a sustainable future, as well as to highlight important issues – improvement of plastics recycling and increase of recycling and recovery levels so that the waste can be re-used as raw material for the production of new products without any problems. Re-use of packaging may be the answer for the Circular Economy.


The conference is organized by Eurocast Sp. z o.o., a company dealing in the production of a wide range of multilayer, modern flexible films made of polypropylene and polyethylene as well as rigid PET films, intended for the production of food packaging and medical packaging, as well as various industrial applications. The company also provides metallization and lamination services.

Eurocast focuses on implementing solutions that are innovative not only because of their composition and processing properties, but mainly due to the limited environmental impact. The company consistently bets on the recyclability of its products, because the future of our planet depends on it.

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