Golf Course

Toya Golf & Country Club

The Toya Golf & Country Club is located only a few kilometres north of the centre of Wrocław. It is an extraordinary tourist attraction of Lower Silesia and a favourite place of many residents of Wrocław who appreciate outdoor leisure in a relaxed and cultural atmosphere.

One of the most beautiful golf courses in Poland was created on the site of a former military training ground, traces of which are clearly visible in places and give the pits an unparalleled character. Soft hills and numerous ponds that seem natural have been created in an area that was originally almost completely flat. The English designer, Jeremy Pern, created a links style in an open part of the course, and parts that run along the forest and between picturesque lakes were created in a park style. Few places, untouched during construction, make the field look very mature.

The highest standard during construction, greenery meeting USGA conditions, computer-controlled irrigation system, state-of-the-art grass maintenance machines and qualified personnel guarantee the perfect conditions on the field, which additionally increases the joy of the game.

How to get there?

Toya Golf & Country Club / Rakowa 5, Kryniczno